UMC-85 Moisture Cure Urethane

UMC-85 Moisture Cure Urethane

UMC-85 is a single component low odor ready-to-use moisture cure urethane, no measuring or portioning required. UMC-85 penetrates well into properly profiled surfaces to create a superior bond direct to concrete or can be used as a top coat over many other products. Low viscosity formula with superior healing properties results in a smooth and glossy surface with excellent chemical resistance.

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Solids Content – 85% by weight

     Dry Time, Tack Free – 4 to 6 hours

     Dry Time, Foot Traffic – 10 to 18 hours

     Dry Time, Heavy Traffic – 24 to 36 hours

     Recoat Interval – 6 to 16 hours

Application Temperature
50° to 80° F

VOC Content – < 50 g/L 


Coverage rates will vary greatly depending on surface porosity and application method. Avoid thick build of UMC-85, this is a thin mil coating that will not cure clear if allowed to puddle.

Direct to Concrete: 250 – 350 sq ft per gallon

Top Coat: 300 – 400 sq ft per gallon

Over Broadcast System: 175 – 225 sq ft per gallon


  • Fire station, Auto Service Centers
  • Residential Garages and Basements
  • Retail, Restaurants, and Hospitality
  • Countertops (USDA Approved)
  • Top Coats Over May Other Products