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Decorative Concrete Training

Work with us and you will use the best decorative and specialty concrete material products applied and installed correctly to help reduce your labor costs and eliminate costly callbacks. Work with us and you will grow your business and make more money. Given the chance, we will EARN your business. Our main focus is knowledge: we want you to know what’s available, what material system is best for each project, how to assess and prepare concrete for your work, how to properly apply and finish the product. And, most important, how to make money doing it all! You might get what you need from one of our regularly scheduled classes, or we may need to set up Crew Training specifically tailored to you and your team.

Turning Point Supply is a decorative concrete product supplier for North and South Carolina contractors and builders. Browse our collection now.

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Driving Directions to the Best Decorative Concrete Material Systems in North Carolina and South Carolina

Turning Point Supply
1212-G Graphic Ct.
Charlotte NC 28206

From Interstate 77, take Exit 12 and head west on Atando Ave. After about one mile, turn left on Timeplanner then right on Upper Asbury. Bear left on Service Rd. then turn left onto Graphic Court.

From Interstate 85, take Exit 40 then turn left on N Graham St. After 1.4 miles, turn right on Toal St., follow Toal onto Service Rd. then turn right onto Graphic Court.


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Driving Directions to Training Center in Charlotte NC 

Albemarle NC – 43 miles, NC-73 West to I-85 South

Asheville NC – 126 miles, I-40 East to NC-74 East to I-85 South

Belmont NC – 16 miles, I-85 North

Blacksburg SC – 47 miles, I-85 North

Boone NC – 115 miles, Hwy 421 East to I-77 South

Chester SC – 51 miles, SC-9 to I-77 North

Chesterfield SC – 63 miles, SC-9 West to Hwy 601 North to Hwy 74 West to I-77 North

Concord NC – 20 miles, I-85 South

Dallas NC – 27 miles, I-85 North

Davidson NC – 20 miles, I-77 South

Denton NC – 55 miles, Hwy 47 West to I-85 South

Durham NC – 140 miles, I-40 West to I-85 South

Fort Mill SC – 21 miles, I-77 North

Gaffney SC – 56 miles, I-85 North

Gastonia NC – 25 miles, I-85 North

Granite Falls NC – 66 miles, Hwy 321 South to I-85 North

Great Falls SC – 55 miles, I-77 North

Greensboro NC – 87 miles, I-85 South

Greenville SC – 104 miles, I-85 North

Heath Springs SC – 60 miles, Hwy 521 North to I-77 North

Hickory NC – 60 miles, Hwy 321 South to I-85 North

High Point NC – 72 miles, I-85 South

Jefferson SC – 65 miles, Hwy 601 North to Hwy 74 West to I-77 North

Kannapolis NC – 22 miles, I-85 South

Kershaw SC – 62 miles, Hwy 521 North to I-77 North

Kings Mountain NC – 34 miles, I-85 North

Lancaster SC – 44 miles, Hwy 521 North to I-77 North

Lexington NC – 55 miles, I-85 South

Lincolnton NC – 40 miles, Hwy 321 South to I-85 North

Locust NC – 33 miles, Hwy 27 West to I-485 to I-85 South

Maiden NC – 38 miles, Hwy 321 South to I-85 North

Marshville NC – 38 miles, Hwy 74 West to I-77 North

Matthews NC – 15 miles, Hwy 74 West to I-77 North

Mocksville NC – 55 miles, Hwy 601 South to I-85 South

Mooresville NC – 27 miles, I-77 South

Mt. Gilead NC – 60 miles, Hwy 73 West to I-85 South

Newton NC – 43 miles, Hwy 321 South to I-85 North

Pageland SC – 45 miles, Hwy 601 North to Hwy 74 West to I-77 North

Raleigh NC – 163 miles, I-40 West to I-85 South

Salisbury NC – 38 miles, I-85 South

Shelby NC – 47 miles, Hwy 74 East to I-85 North

Spartanburg SC – 75 miles, I-85 North

Statesville NC – 39 miles, I-77 South

Taylorsville NC – 62 miles, Hwy 64 East to I-40 East to I-77 South

Wadesboro NC – 61 miles, Hwy 74 West to I-77 North

Winston-Salem NC – 75 miles, Hwy 52 South to I-85 South

York SC – 39 miles, Hwy 161 East to I-77 North

Turning Point Supply
3208 Wellington Ct. Ste 116
Raleigh NC 27615

I-540 East Exit 16 to US-1 North Capital Blvd. | 0.4 Miles First Left onto Capital Connector; 0.1 Miles Left onto Capital Hills Dr.; Half Mile Right onto Gresham Lake Rd.; Half Mile Right onto Wellborn St.; 0.2 Miles Right onto Wellington Ct.; Second Building on the Right.

I-540 West Exit 16 to US-1 North Capital Blvd. | 0.2 Miles First Right onto Gresham Lake Rd.; 0.7 Miles Right onto Wellborn St.; 0.2 Miles Right onto Wellington Ct.; Second Building on the Right.


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Driving Directions to Raleigh NC

Apex NC – 25 miles, US-1 North

Archer Lodge NC – 22 miles, I-87 West to I-540 West

Auburn NC – 18 miles, I-40 West to I-440 West to US-1 North

Bethesda NC – 17 miles, I-540 East

Blands NC – 25 miles, I-40 East to I-540 East

Braggtown NC – 24 miles, US-70 East to I-540 East

Burlington NC – 61 miles, I-40 East to I-540 East

Cary NC – 18 miles, I-40 West to Wade Ave. to I-440 North to US-1 North

Chapel Hill NC – 31 miles, I-40 East to I-540 East

Clayton NC – 23 miles, I-540 West

Duncan NC – 36 miles, US-1 North

Durham NC – 22 miles, US-70 East to I-540 East

Fuquay Varina NC – 35 miles, NC-55 North to US-1 North

Garner NC – 17 miles, I-440 North to US-1 North

Genlee NC – 22 miles, I-540 East

Gorman NC – 22 miles, US-70 East to I-540 East

Hillsborough NC – 40 miles, I-40 East to I-540 East

Holly Springs NC – 28 miles, US-1 North

Hopkins NC – 15 miles, Mitchell Mill Rd.

Knightdale NC – 11 miles, I-540 West

Lizard Lick NC – 20 miles, I-87 West to I-540 West

Millbrook NC – 4 miles, Litchford Rd.

Morrisville NC – 20 miles, I-540 East

Neuse NC – 3 miles, US-1 North

New Hill NC – 31 miles, US-1 North

Oxford NC – 35 miles, NC-96 South to US-1 South

Powhatan NC – 27 miles, I-540 West

Rocky Mount NC – 59 miles, US-64 West to I-540 West

Rolesville NC – 10 miles, US-401 South to I-540 West

Sanford NC – 52 miles, US-1 North

Stony Hill NC – 12 miles, US-1 South

Wake Forest NC – 10 miles, US-1 South

Wendell NC – 20 miles, I-87 West to I-540 West

Wilson NC – 49 miles, US-264 West to I-540 West

Wilson Mills NC – 22 miles, US-70 West to I-40 West to US-1 North

Wilsonville NC – 33 miles, US-540 East to I-540 East

Youngsville NC – 14 miles, US-1 South

Zebulon NC – 23 miles, I-87 West to I-540 West

Contractors and builders across North and South Carolina can find everything they need and more at Turning Point Supply. As a decorative concrete product supplier, we keep an extensive selection of materials, products, and tools for your residential, commercial, or industrial concreting project. Browse our catalog today!

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Decorative Concrete Solutions in North and South Carolina for Contractors and Builders

Every concrete project has unique demands, from client preferences to environmental implications. At Turning Point Supply, we ensure that you have access to high-quality concrete products that are just as functional as they are decorative.

As fellow industry professionals, we understand how demanding concreting projects can be. From decorating floors of garages or commercial facilities to casting countertops and wall panels, we’re committed to providing customized cement solutions.

Check out our wide range of product categories to find what you need. If you need help, feel free to contact us. We are eager to help you find appropriate materials for your next construction project.

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Find Concrete Solutions for Every Project

Turning Point Supply has decorative concrete supplies for all specialties. You can count on us to have high-quality products and tools that ensure you perfect every project, whether your application is:

  • Residential: We have a selection of custom epoxy floors, decorative concrete countertops, and wood plank stamps that make every residential project come to life. Regardless of your client’s preferences, you can trust that we have the materials that will bring their dream home to reality.
  • Commercial: Any commercial project demands durability and reliability when it comes to its concrete components. Our selection of decorative concrete products meets these demands without compromising aesthetic values.
  • Industrial: Warehouses and manufacturing facilities can still evoke functional yet decorative concrete surfaces that withstand the demands of their industrial operations. Discover a wide selection of concrete repair products and epoxy floor systems for all your industrial applications.

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Product Categories: Discover the Most Comprehensive Collection of Decorative Concrete Supplies, Products, and Tools in North and South Carolina

We proudly offer a vast collection of supplies, products, and tools for all your decorative concrete needs. At Turning Point Supply, we value your time and convenience. That’s why we categorized our collection of products to accommodate the busy schedules of builders and contractors. Let us support your next project with top-grade products and innovative solutions.

Surface Preparation: Start Projects Correctly To Achieve Flawless Results

Concrete projects require proper surface preparation regardless of being interior or exterior. The Turning Point Supply collection includes material systems for cleaning and preparing decorative concrete slabs. Whether you are doing floor coatings or texture overlays, our range of products ensures smooth and clean finishes for impeccable results.

Decorative Concrete Overlays: Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Every Concrete Surface

Polymer-modified concrete overlays enhance new and old concrete with decorative textures and slip resistance. Our range of products includes knock-down, wet bubble, or slate trowel textures, giving your construction project a unique touch. Improve your pool decks, driveways, and sidewalks with resurfacing and repairs using polymer-modified cement overlays.

Sealers and Coatings: Ensure a Durable and Long-Lasting Finish

Preserving the enduring allure and strength of decorative concrete is important for any home or facility with the feature. That’s why we provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality sealers and coatings. Our premium products enrich the visual appeal of concrete and shield it from environmental factors. Browse our collection or contact our team for assistance.

Concrete Coloring: Create Vibrant Surfaces That Match Your Plans

Elevate your decorative concrete projects with our diverse range of coloring products, designed to infuse vibrancy and character. From acid stains to dyes and integral colorants, we provide an extensive selection that helps you achieve your desired aesthetic. Discover premium concrete dyes, paints, and pigments that allow for the creation of impactful, personalized color schemes.

Casting Products: Leverage the Advantages of Concrete for Your Countertop Projects

Discover the transformative potential of our casting products, enabling you to realize your visions for concrete projects. Whether you are fashioning bespoke countertops, sinks, or embellishments, our casting materials guarantee remarkable resilience, lasting power, and boundless creative freedom. Elevate any environment with sophistication, courtesy of us.

Concrete Equipment: Meet All Your Concrete Surface Projects With Unmatched Precision

Any project involving decorative concrete surfaces requires precision and efficiency. We offer the best models of concrete equipment and tools. Our collection of professional-grade items includes commercial floor cleaners, dust collectors, filters, polishers, vacuums, and concrete grinders. Achieve your goals of superior craftsmanship with equipment that can keep up with you.

Stamp Rentals: Enjoy Free Concrete Stamp Rentals in North and South Carolina

Our wide collection of stamp rental products shows you various patterns and designs. Whether your construction project requires wood planks, stone textures, or brick-running bonds, Turning Point Supply’s inventory has what you need. Our stamps are ideal for all decorative concrete applications, and we offer them for free with color, release, and sealer purchases!

Cures and Aids: Maximize the Strength of New and Stamped Concrete Projects

Concrete curing ensures that the temperature and moisture conditions in the cement remain ideal, so the hydration process develops the concrete properties you desire. Our curing compounds and aids help you safeguard your decorative concrete project quality and extend its life. Guarantee the functionality and beauty of your concrete project for a long time.

Concrete Tools: Achieve Precise Results With the Best Tools of the Trade

Our stock of concrete placement and coating tools and accessories includes everything a contractor needs to produce a professional, long-lasting decorative concrete surface. Whether you need tools for substrate preparation, material preparation, or material application, we have them. We also stock wearables for protection. Get the right tools for your next project!

Polishing: Hone and Refine Your Concrete Surface for Your Desired Effect

Achieve a refined and elegant aesthetic with our premier line of concrete polishing solutions. Tailored for both residential and commercial applications, our advanced products and equipment effortlessly elevate your concrete surfaces. From floors to countertops, let our polishing products turn your rough concrete projects into radiant and captivating surfaces.

Stamps for Sale: Buy Concrete Stamp Products To Complete Your Contractor Tool Kit

Nothing convinces clients more than a fully-prepared contractor or builder with all the materials for construction projects. When you have concrete stamps ready, you can easily deliver the decorative concrete services your clients expect from you. We have a collection of stamps featuring stunning textures for all your needs. Get these stamping tools for your operations.

Training Programs: Empower Your Team With Our Seasoned Industry Professionals

Expand your expertise with Turning Point Supply training programs. We believe in empowering contractors and builders by equipping them with the industry’s best skills, allowing them to deliver decorative concrete services more effectively and efficiently.

We designed comprehensive training programs that enhance skills to help construction professionals remain competitive in the ever-changing industry. With our team of experienced instructors, we are confident in helping you grow.

In our hands-on training sessions, we cover modern technological innovations and the latest design trends. Allow our experts to help you keep up with the industry’s best practices and elevate your decorative concrete operations with our dedicated classes.

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Why Us: Discover the Turning Point Supply Difference

We are committed to helping contractors and builders produce the best work that their clients expect of them. When you choose Turning Point Supply, you are leveraging:

  • Decades of experience: We have over 50 years of experience serving contractors and builders across North and South Carolina. With the products we supply, we ensure that contractors create the establishments as they planned.
  • Authentic products: We only source products from the industry’s top manufacturers and brands. As an established name in the industry, we offer nothing less than authentic and trusted products for our customers.
  • Expert insights: If you remain uncertain about the best products for your needs, our professionals are ready to help. Let us point you in the right direction with our knowledge of all products in our collection. Get expert consultations and recommendations from our specialists.
  • Excellent customer service: In addition to our dedicated technical support, we are standing by to accommodate your inquiries at any time. Whether you need assistance with material systems or specialty concrete products, simply connect with our representatives to get the right stock.
  • Local trust: Serving customers in North and South Carolina for over five decades, we earned the trust of countless local contractors. We understand what locals need and can immediately provide what their project demands. Let their feedback vouch for our excellence!

Get in Touch: Let Us Fulfill Your Decorative Concrete Needs

Turning Point Supply fully stocks up on decorative concrete products and tools, guaranteeing that our warehouses have the exact item you need. Our dedication to contractors and builders has established us as the top supplier of high-quality concreting products in North and South Carolina. Trust that our knowledgeable team is ready to help you meet your project’s demands.

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