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Ready Mix Integral Concrete Color

Integral Concrete Color Ready On Demand with the Solomon QuickColor Granular System. Choose from our standard color chart, or we can match the selection from any of the other leading color manufacturers. No matter what your project needs, we have your color!

Extend Fresh Concrete Workable Time

DAY1 FINISHING AID is a colloidal silica-based topical additive that makes concrete flatwork finishing easier and faster.

Concrete and Coating Tools

Turning Point Supply is an Authorized Bon Tools Dealer for North and South Carolina. Contractor Pricing, on all In Stock Tools

Commercial Flooring Products - Systems

Resinous floors designed to endure tough environments such as Food Processing Facilities, Schools, Factories, Commercial Kitchens, Hospitals, Fire Stations and Industrial Warehouses. Epoxy floor coating material systems. Urethane cement floor systems for commercial kitchens, breweries and other floors subject to thermal shock. Epoxy mortar floor resurfacing systems for extreme conditions.

Concrete Equipment and Supplies

Concrete polishing equipment and diamond tooling. Polished concrete floor burnishers. Portable electric generator for concrete grinding equipment. Resin pads to polish concrete. PCD coating removal tools fitted with polycarbonate diamonds. Handheld mixing equipment for self-leveling material systems.

Decorative Concrete Overlay Systems

Thin polymer-modified concrete overlay products bag mix systems used to create decorative and slip-resistant texture to new and old concrete. Stamped concrete overlay material bag mix products.

Concrete Products and Training For Your North Carolina Concrete Projects

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Turning Point Supply — Your Trusted Concrete Experts

We take care of all your concrete needs. From specialty custom concrete products to industrial flooring solutions, and from high-quality tools to training classes, we take care of your concrete needs.

Turning Point Solutions – Supporting Your Successful Concrete Projects

Are you putting in a new floor for the lobby of an office suite? Constructing a stamped concrete patio to brighten someone’s home? Or, looking for technical support on concrete installation techniques?
We’re here to provide the best in concrete supply support including, concrete products, equipment and professional training.
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Decorative and Specialty Concrete Products

Commercial and Industrial Flooring Products

Concrete Equipment Grinders  Polishers  Vacuums

Reliable Products

Whichever type of project you’re working on, we have the tools, materials, and training you need. With over 2,500 for the best concrete products in stock, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for and more.

Decorative — Specialty Cement Products

We supply an array of specialty products for your decorative concrete project needs. Choose from high-quality acrylic concrete sealers or rent concrete stamps for stamping concrete patios, pool decks, and driveways. Select from our variety of water-based concrete stains with UV-stable colors that are excellent for the outdoors.

We’re confident you’ll find what you need for your decorative project—from high-performance polyurethane concrete coatings, high-performance epoxy floor coating,  and concrete color to concrete repair and restoration products. Turning Point Supply offers multiple solutions for your application needs including a high gloss, chemical resistant 100 solids garage floor epoxy that will eliminate hot tire pickup and well as precast concrete products for casting countertops and wall panels. This is not floor paint, it is a product designed specifically for concrete surfaces.

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Commercial and Industrial Flooring Solutions

The caliber of machinery you use for concrete-related projects makes a difference when it comes to quality and safety. Our manufacturing partners provide only the best concrete equipment. We carry a full range of concrete polishing equipment, concrete grinding equipment, and hand-held mixing equipment to make your work efficient and of the highest quality.

From priming and patching to high-performance topcoats, we have your heavy-duty flooring project covered.

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Concrete Equipment: Grinders, Polishers, Vacuums, and Tooling

Choose from our selection of vacuums, extractors, diamond tooling, and more.

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Our Mission at Turning Point Supply:

To help contractors grow their business by providing the best decorative and specialty concrete material systems and coatings, by having extensive product knowledge to provide the best technical support and advice, and by offering expert training.

At Turning Point Supply, we bring over Fifty Years of construction industry experience to help you grow your business. We have partnered with leading manufacturers in decorative and specialty concrete products, covering the full range of material systems and coatings you need for most projects.

Our staff has extensive product knowledge and can help you select the best material system to fit the budget and performance requirements of nearly any project. Turning Point Supply will help you with material takeoffs and pricing, and give you expert advice on substrate preparation and product application. We offer professional training with classes scheduled throughout the year, plus Crew Training explicitly designed for your business to teach you and your entire crew the material systems you need to grow your business.

Charlotte North Carolina Concrete Training Center

Unique Training Opportunities for Concrete Professionals

Learn about our Concrete Training Center in Charlotte — where you’ll discover new skills for working with concrete. From epoxy floor coatings to concrete overlays, our classes deliver high-quality instruction. Register for a few and expand your skillset.

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About Us

Turning Point Supply has business offices in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC. Our training center is in Charlotte. We’ve been in this business for thirteen years, so you can count on our expertise and reliable concrete products.

From decorative specialty products to training for those in the concrete industry, we’re your partner in your concrete work. We are proud to serve North Carolina’s concrete professionals. Turning Point Supply has you covered from Charlotte NC. to Raleigh NC.

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Our storerooms and showrooms are brimming with top-quality concrete products. Plus, we provide specialized technical support and professional training. We are a one-stop-shop for your concrete needs. Let’s work together on your next concrete-related project!

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