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Commercial Flooring Products - Systems

Resinous floors designed to endure tough environments such as Food Processing Facilities, Schools, Factories, Commercial Kitchens, Hospitals, Fire Stations and Industrial Warehouses. Epoxy floor coating material systems. Urethane cement floor systems for commercial kitchens, breweries and other floors subject to thermal shock. Epoxy mortar floor resurfacing systems for extreme conditions.

Decorative Concrete Overlay Systems

Thin polymer-modified concrete overlay products bag mix systems used to create decorative and slip-resistant texture to new and old concrete. Stamped concrete overlay material bag mix products.

Concrete Equipment and Supplies

Concrete polishing equipment and diamond tooling. Polished concrete floor burnishers. Portable electric generator for concrete grinding equipment. Resin pads to polish concrete. PCD coating removal tools fitted with polycarbonate diamonds. Handheld mixing equipment for self-leveling material systems.

Ready Mix Integral Concrete Color

Integral Concrete Color Ready On Demand with the Solomon QuickColor Granular System. Choose from our standard color chart, or we can match the selection from any of the other leading color manufacturers. No matter what your project needs, we have your color!

Turning Point Supply is your one source for the best decorative concrete products and material systems, technical support, and training in the industry. At Concrete Supply Carolina, we represent the leading manufacturers in the full range of decorative material systems for concrete: commercial and industrial floor coatings and treatment, decorative concrete products, concrete repair and restoration systems, clear and colored coatings for indoor and outdoor concrete. Turning Point Supply also has a full line of concrete grinders for concrete substrate preparation and concrete coating removal, polished concrete equipment, concrete grinder diamond tooling and coating removal tools, polished concrete resin pads and ceramic pads, industrial vacuum dust extractors, portable electric generators, polished concrete floor burnishers, and other concrete grinder tools and accessories in North Carolina and South Carolina. We offer concrete system training throughout the year in our Charlotte North Carolina facility and on the project site. Your best option for decorative concrete systems, concrete systems, integral concrete color, and thin overlays products, and concrete grinders and vacuums in North Carolina and South Carolina is Turning Point Supply, the concrete experts.

Decorative and Specialty Concrete Products

Commercial and Industrial Flooring Products

Concrete Equipment Grinders  Polishers  Vacuums

Decorative Concrete Material Systems | Specialty Concrete Products

Decorative Concrete Products and Material Systems start with materials to properly prepare and clean the concrete surface. Thin overlay bag mixes create safe non-slip textures on both interior and exterior concrete projects, including materials for pool deck resurfacing. Choose from the best clear acrylic concrete sealers on the market, or a solid color decorative concrete sealer pigmented On-Demand to one of over 200 available colors. Concrete stamps for rent for your stamped concrete patio project. Existing concrete can be made more beautiful with translucent water-based concrete stain with UV stable colors that work indoors and outside, acetone dye, and reactive concrete acid stains. Architectural precast, Cast concrete countertops, benches, fireplace surrounds and outdoor kitchens use one of the engineered glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) precast concrete mix designs and are finished with the industry-leading food safe sealer for concrete countertops. Amazing three-dimensional epoxy metallic floors are created with clear epoxy and sealed with a high-performance polyurethane floor coatings – and we have available every metallic pigment color that there is!

Looking for the best epoxy mortar or urethane cement floor coating system? Need self-leveling underlayments or a polishable wear topping for your facility? Do your floors require a high-performance clear topcoat for maximum chemical and abrasion resistance? Or a novalac epoxy for an even stronger acid resistant floor coating? If a high level of moisture vapor transmission in your concrete is a concern then you need a moisture mitigation system. We can help you with all of this and more. Start by looking through the Commercial and Industrial Flooring Solutions section.

Commercial and Industrial Flooring Solutions

We have teamed with the leading manufacturers of Concrete Grinders, Industrial Vacuum Dust Extractors, Diamond Tooling for Grinding Concrete, Polished Concrete Resin Pads, Portable Electric Generators, and other tools and accessories for concrete grinding, concrete surface preparation, and concrete coating removal. Concrete Grinders are available in North Carolina and South Carolina. Concrete Diamond Tooling can be purchased from one of our showrooms in Charlotte or Raleigh, or shipped anywhere in North Carolina and South Carolina. Portable Electric Generators with Three-Phase Power that will fit on your trailer along with your concrete grinder and concrete vacuum system to save significant money when moving from job to job.

Charlotte North Carolina Concrete Training Center

The Turning Point Supply Concrete College in Charlotte North Carolina is your one source for concrete training classes. Learn how to apply pool deck coatings in one of our hands-on concrete texture overlay training classes. Epoxy garage floor coating training is featured in the epoxy floor coating training class. If you need to learn how to apply metallic epoxy floor materials in a hand on training class then check out our Training Schedule for the next opportunity. Learn how to make a concrete countertop while attending one of our popular concrete countertop classes. These and many more hands-on concrete training classes are available to you in Charlotte North Carolina at our Concrete College.

Concrete Grinders | Polished Concrete Equipment | Diamond Tooling for Grinding and Coating Removal | Industrial Vacuum Dust Extractors | Portable Electric Generators

Turning Point Supply services the entire region of North Carolina and South Carolina for the full range of commercial floor coatings, industrial floor resurfacers, decorative concrete materials and specialty concrete systems for contractors and concrete construction. From Wilmington North Carolina east past Asheville North Carolina, down to Charleston South Carolina and Savannah Georgia through Columbia South Carolina and the regions surrounding Raleigh North Carolina and Greensboro North Carolina. You can rely on us for the best concrete systems back by expert product knowledge and training classes. Visit our showrooms to see samples of commercial concrete material, industrial concrete finishes, cast concrete countertops, commercial floor treatments and more.