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Contractors Only: Free Concrete Stamp Rentals Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina

Concrete Stamps for  Rent | Texture Skins Available for Rent

Turning Point Supply is your best source for stamped concrete materials and tools as well as technical support. We have a complete range of integral colored concrete options, color hardeners, colored powder release, UV stable water-based color wash, concrete stains, and concrete coatings, both clear and colored. Choose from the many options available for clear concrete cure and seal as well as performance sealers for concrete. Concrete stamps and texture skins are available for rent in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Raleigh, North Carolina, and servicing South Carolina. Call us to reserve a set for your next project.


Your concrete stamp rental is FREE for the first day when you purchase color, release, and sealer for the same project! Contractors only, exclusions apply, call for details.

Natural Slate and Stone Concrete Stamps

Ashlar Slate Concrete Stamps

Ashlar Slate Concrete Stamps

The classic pattern of Ashlar Slate with deep texture for the most natural slate look available.

Imperial Ashlar 2

Grand Ashlar

Remarkable detail in this large Imperial Ashlar pattern. Over-size rotating stamps for a great variety of textures. Spectacular finishes for stamped concrete patios.

American Flagstone C

Large Flagstone

This meticulously created concrete mat will leave impressions nothing short of the real thing. Unlike competitor stamps of this style, these are fully rotational and offer a larger variety of texture in the stones providing a finished surface with more interest and variety to a concrete surface. The finished surface offers a flat plane as well so this is great for any project without worry about unevenness in the surface. Four patterns of rotating mats for excellent variety.

Random Stone 1

Random Stone

The best random stone concrete stamp rental set available. Designed from the ground up to provide the most real detail. Aggressive hand tooled grout lines and hand picked stones for the best texture. Engineered to stamp a relatively flat final surface to prevent furniture issues common with this type of pattern.

Roman Cobble 3

Roman Cobble

One of the most detailed of the traditional cobble concrete stamps on the market. Turns any stamped concrete project into a European courtyard. Individual stones about four inches wide and ranging from five to seven inches long.

Stamp Roman Fan

Roman Fan

European Fan style concrete stamp set that leaves a dramatic finish on both large and small projects.

Stamp Medieval Cobble

Random Cobble

The Medieval Cobble concrete stamp rental set produces old world charm with small worn cobble stones set in a random pattern.

Wood Plank Concrete Stamp Sets for Rent

Stamp Wood Plank

Wide Wood Plank

Wood Plank Concrete Stamp Set. Deep in the American heartland reside the historic Bridges of Madison County. The subject of the eponymous novel, film, and musical, they are now the inspiration for Brickform’s newest line of textures. These stamps were derived from real planks and timbers dating back to the late 19th century.

Brick Pattern Concrete Stamp Sets

Brick Herringbone C

Brick Herringbone Pattern

Straight from a popular Chicago neighborhood, this redefined classic is tough to beat. Mildly weathered bricks with 1/4 ” joints. Even depth joints makes the Olde World Brick Herringbone Concrete Stamp Set very suitable for stamped concrete and stampable overlay. Slight brick undulations for authentic surface presentation.

Stamp Brick Running Bond

Brick Running Bond

Natural Worn Brick Running Bond concrete stamp set. Better than brick pavers, stamped concrete with the traditional brick running bond pattern and texture. Bricks approximately 3.5 inches by 7.5 inches.

Stamp Brick Basketweave

Basket Weave Brick Concrete Stamp Pattern

Timeless classic pattern of worn bricks in a basketweave pattern. Simple concrete stamp set.

Concrete Texture Skin Rentals

Stamp Presidential Slate

Slate Texture Concrete Texture Skin

Similar in look to an Italian Slate, the Slate Texture Concrete Texture Skins have a natural stone texture with a continuous coarse surface accentuated by distinguishing veins. This slate skin will end your searches for that perfect seamless look. Multi faceted and uni-directional section of slate for ease of use. Relief no more that 1/8″ so very suitable for commercial applications.

Monster Slate

Heavy Stone Concrete Texture Skin

A rough, natural stone surface with deep chips and fractures perfect for projects large and small.


We offer free concrete stamp and skin rental to you, our customer, when we earn your business for integral concrete color, powder and liquid releases, water-base color wash, and sealers. In return we ask you to respect the following policies:

  1. Stamps and skin rentals are free only for registered contractors.
  2. Stamp and skin rentals are first come first served. Let us know as soon as possible when your project is scheduled. Also, let us know if your project is delayed or canceled.
  3. Stamps and skin rentals are for one project, usually for one day. Please return stamps as soon as possible after use.
  4. Stamps and skins should be cleaned before returning them to us, ready for the next use. If needed you may use our pressure washer to clean the tools.
  5. If you damage or lose one or more stamps, skins, and/or touch up skins we will charge you the current retail price for replacement product.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse rentals at any time.

Thank you for your business!

Políticas de Alquiler de estampas y the textras

Ofrecemos a nuestros clientes alquiler gratuito de estampas y textras , además de desmoldantes en polvo y líquido o el lavado de color base agua y selladores:

  1. A cambio se les pide que respete las siguientes políticas Las estampas y textras son gratuitas solo para clientes registrados .
  2. El alquiler de estampas y de textras son solo para proyectos de un día y deberán se ser devueltas al día siguiente ( avisar con anticipación sobre su proyecto) también deberá de avisar si su proyecto se cancela o se pospone para otro día .
  3. Al concluir su proyecto deberá de regresar las estampas y textras limpias.
  4. Los sellos y las pieles deben limpiarse antes de devolvérnoslos, listos para el próximo uso. Si es necesario, puede usar nuestra lavadora a presión para limpiar las herramientas.
  5. Si daña o pierde alguna de las estampas o textras se le cobrará el precio minorista actual del producto remplazado.
  6. Nos reservamos al derecho de rechazar alquileres en cual quise momento .

Por su comprensión gracias y gracias por su negocio con nosotros.

Free Concrete Stamp rental - Contractors Only

Free Concrete Stamp rental – Contractors Only

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Brickform Tampers Concrete Stampers for Stamping Concrete

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