Trans4loor Metallic System

Trans4loor Metallic System

TRANS4LOOR METALLIC FLOOR SYSTEM is a two-component, solvent-free, 100% solids epoxy/amine system designed specifically for applications over concrete floors and countertops where maximum durability and chemical resistance are required within a decorative metallic system. The high gloss material is available in a solid color base coat and a clear formula where metallic pigments are added.
Suitable for interior use only on concrete surfaces where a smooth, glossy, attractive, and durable metallic finish is required. Ideal for concrete flooring in retail, restaurant, and kitchen, residential, commercial spaces as well as commercial and residential automotive garages, aircraft hangers, and other environments where durability with a decorative appearance is desired.

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Trans4loor Metallic System

Product Description

Typical Applications:
Retail and Commercial Flooring
Garage Floors and Showrooms
Restaurant and Kitchen Flooring
Interior Residential Living Spaces
Hotel and Resort Reception Areas
High-Traffic Interior Applications
Fast Turn-Around Projects
Aircraft Hangar Floors
Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Will Trans4loor Metallic Black Base Coat Epoxy fill small divots and minor cracks?

Answer: Yes, it certainly will! However, be sure not to try to bridge expansion joints as these are necessary to allow movement in the concrete.

Question: Can Trans4loor Metallic Black Base Coat Epoxy be used outside?

Answer: No, epoxy coatings are not vapor-permeable and therefore should not be utilized in exterior applications.

Question: I have strict VOC laws in my area, can I use Trans4loor Metallic Black Base Coat Epoxy?

Answer: Without question, yes! At zero grams per Liter of VOC content, Trans4loor Metallic Black Base Coat Epoxy can be used no matter how strict local VOC laws are!

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