Rio-Clad Epoxy Trowel Mortar

Rio-Clad Epoxy Trowel Mortar

RIO-COAT ETM is a three-component filled, high-solids epoxy system for resurfacing eroded interior concrete floors. Topcoats (RIO-COAT EMP, RIO-COAT EHB AND RIO-COAT EPT) are two-component, high-solids epoxies for sealing the overlay. Applications include repairing large eroded areas such as main traffic aisles, loading docks and other spaces subject to heavy traffic and abuse.

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Cured Physical Properties
Property Test Method Results
Compressive ASTM C-579 11,600 PSI
Tensile Strength ASTM C-307 2,000 PS
Flexural ASTM C-580 5,100 PSI
Flexural Modulus of Elasticity
ASTM C-580 2.0x10E6 PS
Indentation MIL-D-3134F No Indent
Impact Resistance
ASTM D-2794
Shore D Hardness
ASTM D2240 90
Water Absorption
ASTM C-413 0.2%
Bond Strength ACI Comm.
Pg. 1139-411
Heat Resistance Limitation
Continuous 140°F / 60°C
Intermittent 200°F / 93°C
Coefficient of ASTM F-1679
ASTM F-2508
0.84 (dry)
Friction 0.68 (wet)
Flammability ASTM D-648 Class I
Thermal Coefficient of Linear
ASTM C-531 2.0x10-5

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