Fast Setting 100% Solids Floor Epoxy

E-100 is a 100% solids cyclo-aliphatic amine epoxy system. E-100 is a faster setting epoxy that levels out smooth, with a clear finish that will resist ambering over time and is field-tintable with fourteen solid colors utilizing the E-TINT packs.
Versatile Epoxy that can be used in Industrial, Commercial, and Residential applications such as:
Schools and Universities
Residential Garages and Basements
Manufacturing and Warehouse Floors
Retail, Restaurants, and Hospitality
Healthcare and Medical Offices

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Product Description

Product Advantages:

  • Versatile Self-Leveling Formula
  • 10-15 Minute Pot Life at 72° F
  • Faster Set Time for Quick Turnaround
  • Can add E-FAST to Reduce Working and Set Times by 50%
  • Tint in the Field with Pigment Packs

ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Application of product should be placed between Substrate - 50° to 80° F

The substrate temperature during application and curing must be within the limits listed above. Ambient temperature should not be used to judge application temperature. The use of a laser temperature gauge is necessary to find the substrate temperature. If the product is applied outside of these temperature parameters, the product may not cure properly and will not meet specifications in hardness or chemical resistance.

Tinting Instructions:
E-100 is a clear epoxy. E-Tint packs are available in 14 standard colors. Tint pack colorant should be added to Part A and blended for 2-3 minutes before adding Part B.

Mixing Instructions:

If less than full kits will be mixed, each component should be mixed thoroughly with individual tools. Using the same tool to mix part A and Part B will cause contamination and ruin the material being saved for future use. E-100 is to be mixed at a r