SureCrete ColorTec Floor Coating Master Color Chart

SureCrete OnDemand Concrete Floor Coating “Standard” Colors

SureCrete OnDemand Concrete Floor Coating “Special 1” Colors

SureCrete OnDemand Concrete Floor Coating “Special 2” Colors

Colors to Complement the Integral Concrete Color Charts

Above are Surecrete’s standard best concrete paint colors. These are the most commonly used colors in the decorative cement floors industry. Surecrete is able to manufacture these colors in both water-based and solvent-based acrylics for outdoor use. Coloring your driveway, sidewalk or patio has never been easier to achieve when using our solid color paints. Manufactured to withstand most weather conditions for long durability, with outstanding UV stability concrete product stains and coatings.

Whatever you project entails, Surecrete Design Products has virtually unlimited solid concrete stain colors available. Through our exclusive OnDemand tinting system, Surecrete can provide just about any color you can imagine. The above solid color options include but are not limited to our water base acrylic sealer and our solvent-based acrylic sealers. Surecrete’s acrylic sealers roll out just like wall paint, however, are specifically designed for cement based surfaces. Our acrylic solid colored stains are like nail polish, a sealant that still allows the nail to breathe, the concrete is allowed to release moisture while protecting moisture from penetrating into it. All of our colors are made to be UV stable and are manufactured to withstand the harshest weather conditions including, heavy traffic, freeze-thaw conditions, and high heat climate areas. These solid concrete colored stains can be applied on driveways, pool decks and sidewalks in both commercial and residential applications. These cement paint colors are for web use only, so please sample your area to get the exact color match you are looking for. And yes, you can use our concrete paint for patios and pool decks. Surecrete is the place for all your stained concrete floor needs.