Offering Decorative Concrete for Your Construction Projects

No home or business owner can deny a construction material that’s incredibly durable, appealing, and low-cost. That’s quite a mixture.

So, when decorative concrete stepped into the spotlight, contractors all over the world took note. With stain and epoxy products, dull gray concrete flooring transformed into marblesque flooring, imaginative tile flooring, and pristine kitchen countertops.

We’ve even seen clients’ showrooms take on the effect of hardwood flooring! Concrete is a wonderfully amorphous product in a class entirely of its own.

Learning how to incorporate decorative concrete into your sales pitches will take your construction business to new heights. You’re offering a low-cost product that yields top-shelf results.

So, sign up for those classes, learn how to master this product, and take a walk with us as we explore the five benefits of using decorative concrete in all your construction bids.

You won’t be sorry you mastered this craft and your clients will be spreading the news about you like wildfire. (Which, if their home is built with concrete, no wildfire, rainstorm, or windstorm can take them down.)

Indeed, we’re major fans of this material and we think you’ll quickly see why.\

The Wonders of Concrete

Before we enter into the decadent world of decorative concrete, let’s strut down memory lane and remind ourselves why we tend toward concrete products in the first place.

It’s Energy Efficient

We know; it’s funny to think of concrete as energy efficient. But, the process to create it sure is. Let’s compare steel to concrete. 

The amount of energy required to make steel is a whopping 8,000kWh per ton. Meanwhile, the amount of energy required to make cement concrete is anywhere between 450 and 750 kWh per ton. 

It’s Water-Resistant

It’s interesting that something made with water can be so water-resistant. But, it’s true. Compared to steel or wood, concrete can withstand serious deterioration. 

That’s why you see so many beach homes built with cinderblocks. It’s also why concrete is used in underwater construction projects like pipelines, canals, dams, and other waterfront structures. 

It’s Ambient

Well, concrete is created at ambient temperatures. This is a big plus. Concrete sets, hardens, and gains all its strength at room, or ambient, temperature. 

This makes the whole process far easier than many other building materials including, again, steel. It can set at outdoor temperatures without any additional labor required. 

It’s Heat-Resistant

It’s interesting that concrete (including concrete sealers) is more heat resistant than steel, considering the way in which steel is forged.

Concrete has this easy-going, relaxed setting process, while steel takes a lot of temperance and time.

Yet, in the end, concrete can withstand high temperatures far better than steel, and certainly better than wood. Concrete is a very poor conductor of heat, which is great news for builders.

In fact, concrete is often used to fireproof steel. Does this make anyone think of Superman? 

Images and work provided by Hut Appeal 

It Can Be Cast Into Shape

As you may know, concrete overlays are thin cement products that can be lain atop existing concrete for decorative (or repair) reasons. 

We love using overlays in construction. It takes this already-supreme material and elevates it to new heights. 

But, even in the early stages, concrete is very pliable. When you consider that it starts in a liquid, flowable state, the options become endless. 

This makes it a wonderful material to work with when creating form-works of different shapes and sizes during construction. 

5 Benefits of Decorative Concrete

When we enter into the world of decorative concrete, it’s not a bad idea to consider concrete training classes. In a way, this becomes a bit of an art form.

You can also think outside the box with your construction projects and dabble in things like concrete stains throughout the process. So, it’s worthwhile to work underneath someone’s wing for a little while.

This is also one of the ways to make your construction business unique, whether you work with commercial or residential clients. Let’s roll up our sleeves, play around with some renovation ideas, and enter into the wonderful world of artistic concrete.

1. It Creates Multiple Colors and Textures

There are so many different types of decorative concrete. But, what we love most of all is that it can be splashed with practically any color under the sun. It can also take on a multitude of different textures. 

Thanks to the advances in mixing and setting, contractors can create almost any of their clients’ visions. 

This can be brought about in a number of ways, including staining, stamp overlays, splatter techniques, and slate trowel-down finishes.

All this not only creates the colors clients desire, but also the textural patterns and custom design work they desire. 

2. It Can Morph Into Anything

Were you surprised when the construction industry started using concrete in residential kitchens? Or how about floors that, at first glance, appeared to be tile?

That was another win for the world of concrete and we’re so happy this advancement took place. 

Concrete is incredibly amorphous; it can even be crafted to look like natural stone. This is a great compromise for clients who want granite and marble undertones in their kitchen but can’t quite swing the price tag. 

Let’s get back to the great outdoors. Concrete is often morphed into stone in outdoor construction projects. Driveways, patios, and pavers do well with this process. 

If you’ve about to give an existing driveway or patio this kind of facelift, it’s important to know if you’re dealing with a sealer or not. The sealer may have to be stripped off, or else the stain won’t take effect. 

Outside of that hurdle, you can get right to the project at hand and wow your clients with a total outdoor transformation. 

3. It Increases Curb Appeal

We once visited family in a retirement community in Florida. Almost every driveway had a palm tree, a flamingo, a compass, or some other design feature, imprinted on their driveway. 

It created such an eye-catching effect. Amidst the outdoor curtains billowing in the lanais, seeing a reminder that we were, indeed, in the Sunshine State left a lasting impression that we truly enjoyed. 

4. It Provides Added Strength

As if concrete wasn’t hefty enough, there’s another benefit to decorative concrete. When you use decorative coatings and stains, you’re actually beefing up this already-sturdy element. 

This makes your decorative concrete work (inside or out) more resistant to heavy loads, general wear and tear, scratches, scuff marks, weather, and mold. 

5. It’s Affordable

When you consider that we always want the best materials, the best brand names, and the best return on our investments, it’s pretty spectacular knowing that decorative concrete can deliver all these results at a relatively low cost point. 

Decorative coatings are very affordable. So, they won’t cut into your client’s budget too much. The concrete itself is also inexpensive and easy to install. This cuts back on more labor-intensive construction projects. 

Then, given its durability and heat and water resistance, concrete is also going to last for years, if not decades. This makes it an entirely economical choice, and one that your clients will thank you for. 

Start Offering This Service Today

And there you have it! Decorative concrete and other concrete products are pretty sure-fire selling points. 

You’re offering durable, long-lasting, and beautiful results for a comparatively low price point. Who could say no to that? 

Here at Turning Point Supply, we offer professional pricing on over 2,500 concrete products. Some of our most popular products include stamped concrete products, stains, sealers, concrete overlay products, indoor clear sealers, and more. 

Come on over and check out our decorative and specialty concrete products. Your clients will be thrilled when you transform their boring driveway into the centerpiece of their outdoor space. 

Or, better yet, turn their kitchen into a lustrous wonder with concrete flooring that looks bafflingly similar to tile, or concrete countertops that appear to be high-grade stone.  

We have all the tools and solvents you need, at contractor pricing, to help you get the job done and secure a wealth of new clients.