Concrete Overlay Bag Mixes for Broom Finish, Knock-Down, and Other Concrete Textures

Thin polymer-modified concrete overlay products bag mix systems used to create decorative and slip-resistant texture to new and old concrete. Stamped concrete overlay material bag mix product. Choose the right concrete overlay products for the job anywhere in North Carolina and South Carolina. Concrete overlay bag mix materials for safe and non-slip textures like knock-down, wet bubble, and slate trowel. Thin concrete overlay microtopping to make concrete look like wood. Pool deck coatings, driveway resurfacing, sidewalk texture repair. Beautify old concrete with the addition of a polymer-modified cement overlay system.

Thin Concrete Texture Overlay Bag Mix System – SureSpray

SureSpray is a thin concrete texture overlay mix product used to create many different designs and textures on concrete floors. Spray this concrete overlay product from a hopper gun to create knockdown texture or a wet bubble look. Trowel SureSpray for slate trowel texture and other decorative concrete overlay options. SureSpray is used to create safe non-slip textures on pool decks, patios, walkways, porches, and driveways.

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MicroTopping Thin Concrete Overlay Bag Mix – MicroTek One Coat

MicroTek One Coat thin concrete overlay microtopping is used for interior and exterior decorative concrete projects. The thin concrete overlay product material may be troweled smooth or to a variety of textures including Wood Finish Concrete and other safe non-slip finishes. MicroTek One Coat microtopping concrete overlay product is available in both white and gray Portland bag mixes which may be integrally colored using SC Color color packs.

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Stamped Concrete Thin Overlay Texture Bag Mix – SureStamp

SureStamp is a stampable concrete overlay material system used to create the look of stamped concrete over existing interior and exterior concrete surfaces. SureStamp is a just-add-water concrete overlay mix that is applied as thin as one-quarter inch for use with texture skins and concrete stamps. Color SureStamp with SC Color pigment color packs and finish with EcoStain water based concrete stains for a wide range of stamped concrete effects. SureStamp™ is suitable for vehicular traffic on driveways and entrances, as well as heavy pedestrian traffic on sidewalks, patios and concrete decks.

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Traffic Rated Concrete Texture Overlay Bag Mix – SureBroom

SureBroom is a superior high-strength thin concrete texture overlay system for extremely high traffic areas. SureBroom is a just-add-water concrete repair mortar used to repair and resurface worn and damaged concrete driveways, parking lots, loading docks, sidewalks and other concrete slabs. The thin concrete overlay repair mortar may be finished smooth or in broom texture. SureBroom traffic rated concrete repair overlay bag mix is available in natural gray color, and also in white base which may be colored using SC Color integral overlay color packs. SureBroom achieves over 6000 PSI when cured, which is significantly stronger than most other concrete texture overlay products.

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Concrete Overlay Bonding Agent Bag Mix – SureBond

SureBond is a concrete bonding agent for overlays and cement repair products. SureBond is a just add water single component cement bag mix specifically developed for use with SureCrete Design Products SureStamp overlay system and Deep Patch concrete repair mortar.

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Concrete Overlay Color Packs and Color for Casting Concrete – SC Color

SC Color concrete color packs are conveniently measured to tint any concrete overlay bag mix in the SureCrete Design Products line. All Color Packs are pure, synthetic, iron oxide pigments containing no fillers that will affect the performance of the overlay mix being tinted. Color consistency is maintained from one concrete color pack to another, producing an even color throughout the overlay project.

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