Epoxy Metallic Floor Training Class

This training was done in a warehouse where there was a lot of cement dust and debris, so there will be a lot of imperfections in this project.

This is how this Bluewater looking floor was achieved:

Step 1. Grind the Floor (400 Square Foot)

Step 2. Apply Primer-Base coat of black Epoxy 100 % Solids allowing to dry overnight.

Step 3. Dust any dirt or dust off of the black epoxy base coat using denatured alcohol.

Step 4. Apply Blue and White metallic pearl epoxy to the floor using a wavy pattern.

Step 5. Roll over the blue and white to blend the colors together. Step 6, using a leaf blower we blended the colors together into different patterns and textured look. We allowed drying overnight.

Step 6. using a floor scrubber with 100 grit we lightly sanded the surface to remove as many imperfections and bumps as possible. (Again this was a training class where the was a lot of dust and debris floating in the air in our warehouse.

Step 7. We vacuumed and cleaned the surface to remove as much of the dust and debris as possible.

Step 8. We cleaned the surface with denatured alcohol.

Step 9. We applied 2 coats of Polyurethane top-coat. Again, this was a class and there was a lot more that went into creating this look.

Products Used:

Primer Coat

Metallic Coat

Top Coat

Attend a Class

Turning Point Supply is committed to helping contractors learn the techniques of epoxy flooring. In 2021, we plan on having a class every month.  If you would like to attend, please request here.

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