If you’re a homeowner with an outside patio, walls, or garden features made from concrete, giving them a coat of exterior paint will protect against wear and tear, stains, salts, and water damage. If you’re looking for an exterior concrete paint supplier in North Carolina, don’t hesitate to contact Turning Point with a large selection of exterior concrete paint and acrylic sealers available. This article will tell you everything you need to know about exterior concrete paint.

The benefits of using exterior concrete paint

Various exterior materials, such as wood, concrete, and tiles, can be painted. Each job will require slightly different paint with a specific chemical compound designed for the correct surface. Concrete can be successfully painted using exterior concrete paint or sealant. It’s crucial to be aware that concrete isn’t like wood and requires a particular type of paint. Concrete is a durable material that doesn’t break down quickly. As a result, it doesn’t need much maintenance, but it is a good idea to give your concrete a coat of sealer regularly to keep it in top condition.

It’s a good idea to treat exterior concrete walls, patios, and flooring with a specially designed acrylic coating that’s corrosion-resistant and waterproof. This will help to protect your concrete from wear and tear caused by environmental factors. It also helps to maintain traction. Acrylic paints are ideal for exterior concrete because they can endure abuse. You can also add additional coats to add extra protection, improve performance and longevity. Many homeowners first paint their concrete with a primer, epoxy coating, and add a coat of urethane coating on top as this acts as a sealant. A special topcoat can also be added, such as SureGrip, a traction additive that helps create a slip-resistant floor or patio.

Exterior Concrete Paint From Turning Point

If you’re looking to refresh your concrete to protect it from the weather and reduce wear and tear, have a look at Turning Point products. Outdoor concrete acrylic sealers make concrete walls, floors, and patios longer lasting and more durable. The paint helps to protect exterior concrete from salt and water damage as well as stains.

Turning Point stocks a large selection of paints, including Exterior concrete paint and sealers, in over two hundred colors. The company has an OnDemand Color System, which means that you’ll be able to find the exact shade that you’re after. The paints are pigmented using alkaline-resistant tint, which means that they won’t fade over time when used on concrete. Turning Points paints are the best in the industry; they are durable and long-lasting and perfect for concrete driveways, paths, patios, and sidewalks, as well as swimming pool decking.

Concrete Paint

Concrete Paint