Self Leveling Floor Systems | Primers and Moisture Mitigation | Repair Patching and Smoothing

Self-leveling floor underlayment and polished concrete overlay wear topping systems. Floor primers and moisture mitigation products. Floor repair materials, deep fill fast setting patch mix, and feather edge smoothing compounds.
Turning Point Supply will help you select the best floor leveling compound and self-leveling subfloor underlayment system, floor primer or concrete floor moisture mitigation product, floor repair bag mix, floor patching, and deep fill fast-setting mortar, and feather finish floor smoothing compound for your projects. We carry the full line of subfloor repair material systems from Schonox with service and delivery available throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

Self Leveling underlayment systems in cement base formulations to repair and level concrete floors. Synthetic gypsum underlayment to repair old gypcrete floors and for use with the Renotex 3D system to create a floating floor self-leveling system over the wood structure. EPA Rapid epoxy moisture mitigation system to stop moisture migration through concrete floors. MR 18 floor primer to solidify and crystallize water-based floor adhesives prior to the installation of a self-leveling underlayment product. SL cement floor smoothing compound for feather finish floor fill to a feather edge. DSP Plus polished concrete self-leveling overlayment wear topping that produces a salt and pepper polished concrete finish floor. US cement self leveling underlayment is moisture resistant and frost resistant so it can be installed under epoxy floor coatings and in unconditioned spaces.

Full technical support for all self leveling underlayment and polished concrete overlayment systems, primers and moisture systems, repair and patching compounds is available through Turning Point Supply. We will help with self-leveling floor specifications and system designs, project-specific material lists and pricing, sales support with architects and specifiers, job site meetings to assess subfloor conditions and help select the best system combination to achieve the performance requirements and budget needs of the project.

Floor Primers for Self Leveling Moisture Mitigation Products