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Concrete Counter Top Casting Kit – Precast

XS Precast™ is a dual-component precast concrete bag mix that greatly reduces the materials and labor required to construct traditional precast concrete. No reinforcement steel is required, thinner precast pieces are routine, and quicker production times are accomplished. A stronger, denser, and more flexible cementitious composite is created by combining cutting-edge technology with modern fiber advancements.

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Product Description

With a wide range of coloring and texture selections along with the addition of optional aggregate loading (up to 10 lbs per bag), design considerations are nearly limitless. XS Precast produces concrete countertops, fireplace mantles, and facades, shower surrounds, wall panels, furniture, and many other architectural elements. XS Precast is the perfect medium for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Single bag batches
1. Utilize a handheld concrete mixer with a helical (spiral) mixer
blade, such as an Eibenstock model #EHR 20R or similar.
2. Thoroughly mix XS Precast Modifier.
3. Add 1 gal (3.8 L) XS Precast Modifier to a clean 5 gal (18.9 L)
pail or similar mixing vessel
4. Add XS TruColor (color pack) to XS Precast Modifier (if desired) and mix.
5. While mixing add approximately ¾ of the XS Precast bag.
6. Continue mixing until a loose, flowable consistency is achieved.
7. Scrape sides of the pail with a margin trowel to prevent dry fiber
pockets from forming.
8. Add the remaining XS Precast and continue to mix for 2 – 3 minutes.
9. Up to an additional 16 oz. (0.5 L) water may be added for a
more fluid mix.
10. With multiple single bag mixes, where a color match is of concern, box multiple pails.

50 lb (22.7 kg) bag
1 gal (3.8 L) XS Precast Modifier to 1 – 50 lb (22.7 kg) bag
of XS Precast
+ up to 16 oz. (0.5 L) water
1 - 50 lb (22.7 kg) bag of XS Precast =
approx. 9.8 ft² @ ½” (0.9 m² @ 12.7 mm)
7.2 ft² @ ¾” (0.64 m² @ 19 mm)
OR 0.43 ft³ (0.01 m³)
126.1 lb/ft³ (2,018 kg/m³)
3 day - 9,800 PSI (67,569 kPa)
7 day - 10,540 PSI (72,671 kPa)
28 day - 10,730 PSI (73,981 kPa)
3 day - 610 PSI (4,206 kPa)
7 day - 635 PSI (4,378 kPa)
28 day - 690 PSI (4,757 kPa)
3 day - 505 PSI (3,482 kPa)
7 day - 545 PSI (3,758 kPa)
28 day - 550 PSI (3,792 kPa)
Under normal conditions: XS Precast bag mix and XS Precast Modifier when the container and packaging are kept
dry and moisture free, out of direct sunlight, the shelf life
of an unopened product is (12) months from the date of
purchase. Additionally, XS Precast Modifier should be protected from freezing. Storage for both products must be
under the roof and off the floor. Rotate inventory to maintain
product that is within limits.

Concrete Countertop Casting Kit
Light Tan Concrete Commercial Desk

Concrete Countertop Mix – Precast GFRC
Concrete Countertop Mix - Precast GFRC

White Concrete Countertop Mix – Precast GFRC

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