ColorSolve – Solvent Based Carrier – Ameripolish Dyes

ColorSolve – Solvent Based Carrier – Ameripolish Dyes

• Leaves no or very little residual dye on surface saving time on cleaning and dye expense
• Doubles the coverage rate of concrete dyes
• Lower evaporation rate allowing the use of Ameripolish® microfiber mop pad saving time on taping and masking
• Allows concrete dyes to be applied at higher grit levels such as 800 or 1,500 grit for color enhancement or refurbishing

Turning Point Supply’s ColorSolve Exclusive Pricing:
Product Part #
(1 Gallon RTU) CS-1
(5 Gallons RTU) CS-5
(55 Gallons RTU) CS-55

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Protect people- use an appropriate mask, gloves, and eye shields. For vehicles, property, plants, and all adjacent or nearby surfaces not intended to come in contact with the product- use a protective covering as necessary. Do not apply if the concrete is frozen (recommended application temperature is 50 to 90 degrees F), dirty, or has standing water. Ensure that all surfaces intended for application are clean and free of dirt, debris, and oils. You can use Ameripolish® Strip and Clean or Ameripolish® Oil Ingester to help remove dirt and oil spots. For best results perform a moisture absorption test on both newly-poured (at least 28 day cured slabs) and existing slabs. Best performance will be on concrete that is at 5 pounds per foot or less of moisture content (calcium chloride test ASTM F1869). High moisture levels can affect performance of the color.

Ameripolish® ColorSolve is intended to be mixed with Ameripolish® Classic and SureLock™ concrete dyes.
Once Ameripolish® ColorSolve is mixed properly with Ameripolish® Classic or SureLock™ concrete dye, (Classic powder dye must be mixed for 2 hours before use) the mixture is then applied using an appropriate solvent sprayer with or without a microfiber mop.