Concrete Grinders - Polishers, Vacuums, Generators and Tooling

Concrete Grinders for Substrate Preparation and Coating Removal.

Concrete polishing equipment and diamond tooling. Polished concrete floor burnishers. Portable electric generator for concrete grinding equipment. Resin pads to polish concrete. PCD coating removal tools fitted with poly carbonate diamonds. Hand held mixing equipment for self leveling material systems.

Concrete Grinders in North Carolina and South Carolina. Polished Concrete Equipment, Industrial Vacuum Dust Extractors, Portable Electric Generators with Three-Phase Power for Concrete Grinders. Polished Concrete Floor Burnisher. Concrete Diamond Tooling for Concrete Grinding and Concrete Coating Removal. Polished Concrete Resin Pads. Concrete Machines and Equipment available in North Carolina and South Carolina at Turning Point Supply. Scanmaskin Machines Grinders and Vacuums. Scanmaskin Concrete Grinding Diamond Tooling. Makinex Portable Electric Generators.