Thin Cement Overlayment Material System Product Demonstration and Training
Raleigh North Carolina February 22, 2020

Join us on Saturday February 22 2020 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm to see a range of material system applications for thin cement overlay textures. Learn how to mix and apply textures including: knock down, slate trowel, pebble, bubble, wood look. See how simple a stamped overlay material system can be to texture with common concrete stamps and skins. Achieve the best thin finish concrete overlay with a microtopping bag mix in trowel and stencil patterns. You will also learn about the range of coloring options with integral color materials and secondary concrete stains. We will show you clear concrete sealer and colored concrete sealer to finish the projects.

This training is for contractors only who are seeking to add textured concrete overlay to their business!

Knock down pool deck texture overlayment material system training class in Raleigh North Carolina


Knock Down Cement Texture Overlay Training and Demonstration

Learn how to use SureSpray just-add-water bag mix thin overlay material to create a safe and non-slip texture. Commonly applied to swimming pool decks but also a great way to prevent slip-fall hazards on sidewalks, patios and driveways.

Stamped Concrete Overlayment Material System Training Class in Raleigh North Carolina

Stamped Concrete Overlayment Training Class and Product Demonstration

SureStamp is one of the most user friendly stampable thin concrete overlayment material systems in the industry. Learn how to apply stamp overlay and texture with common concrete stamps and skins. See how to use EcoStain water base penetrating concrete stain for secondary colors on stamped overlay concrete. We will discuss how to choose the best concrete sealer for stamp overlay during this training and product demonstration.

Slate Trowel Texture Concrete Overlay Training Class Raleigh North Carolina

Learn how to apply concrete overlay in a slate trowel texture

Slate trowel concrete overlay texture creates the look of natural stone in a very thin overlayment application. You will learn how to use SureSpray to trowel a slate texture in concrete overlay during the training and product demonstration class. EcoStain water base penetrating concrete stains are used for secondary color then finished with performance clear acrylic concrete sealer.

Thin wood look concrete overlayment training in Raleigh North Carolina

See how to make concrete look like a natural wood floor – micro-topping cement overlayment materials, concrete stains

Microtopping thin finish overlayment systems can be made to look like natural wood. You will learn the techniques for creating wood look concrete overlay during this training and product demonstration. We will also use micro-topping with paper stencil tapes to create stone patterns and textures.

There is no charge for this concrete overlay training and product demonstration.
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This concrete overlay training is restricted to contractors. No DIY.

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Saturday February 22 2020

9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Lunch, Drinks and Snacks Provided

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  • Only contractors may register for training, no DIY